Affiliated to AMCA

The club puts on four different routes for each trial each aimed at a different skill level.

All riders are required to wear a helmet and boots to ride.

Bibs are provided to allocate numbers as well as cards to show the route.

All sections are marked out with start cards, end cards and markers to show the route through the section.



Rules applying to all route


our trials are run as non-stop meaning anybody stopping or rolling backwards in a section will be awarded a 5


White Route Novice Level


This route is set out on the easier side to allow novices to develop their skill and for people who like to take it easy on their bikes

the route is marked with 2 white cards per gate



Yellow Route Clubman Level


This route is more demanding than the white route with more tight turns, climbs and drops

the route is marked out with 2 yellow cards per gate



Green Route Intermediate Level


The route is more demanding than the yellow route without the larger rock/climbs that may be found on the Red/Blue route.

The route is marked out by 2 Green cards per gate



Red/Blue Route Expert Level


This is our toughest route, where you should expect the climbs to be steeper, rocks larger and more turn, whilst still remaining in the spirit of ‘Classic trials’

The route is marked out by a Red card on the right side of the gate and a Blue card on the left side.